How interest rates move and why they’re going up!

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This is by far, the single best explanation of HOW mortgage interest rates are determined and WHY they are going up. 7 minutes of EXCELLENT information – do yourself a favor, listen and share this with anyone considering buy a home or refinancing an existing mortgage.

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What’s Ahead For Mortgage Rates This Week : March 16, 2009

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Mortgage markets lost a little bit of ground last week, edging mortgage rates higher in a week marked by the largest stock market gains since November.

Once again, mortgage rates couldn’t sustain a rally of more than 5 days.  Not since late-2008 have mortgage rates managed to fall two weeks in a row.

Last week’s market was impacted by three distinct factors:

  1. Bank balance sheets weren’t as bad as feared
  2. Discussion started on new bank valuation methods
  3. Traders got optimistic that “the worst is over”

The rally will likely continue into this week, too.  This after the 60 Minutes interview with Ben Bernanke in which the Fed Chief said he won’t let big banks fail and that the recovery will likely begin later this year.

It’s the first interview with a sitting Federal Reserve Chairman in history.

Coincidentally, the Federal Reserve will be in the spotlight this week as it concludes a two-day meeting Wednesday after which the Fed will issue its standard, post-meeting press release at 2:15 P.M.  Although it’s not expected to make Fed Funds Rate changes, the markets will closely watch the Fed’s language for clues about the next phase of monetary policy.

In general, when the Fed indicates that inflationary pressures may build, mortgage rates rise.  Moreover, in the above interview, Bernanke alluded to such inflation and the need to control it in the future.

Despite the small rise in rates last week, mortgage rates remain low and favorable for high-credit scoring borrowers.  Volatility is still a factor, however, so if you’re nervous about rates rising, it may be best to lock early in the week — before the Fed’s Wednesday announcement.

4 Minutes Of Guidance For Soon-To-Be Real Estate Investors

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“Most of the biggest real estate fortunes were not made in good times, but in bad times like this” Barbara Corcoran reminds us in this talk with NBC

It’s important perspective for Americans wondering how to invest in foreclosed properties without losing their cash or their credit rating.

In the 4-minute interview, Corcoran quips on the basics and the essentials of foreclosure investing,

  • “Everyone who loses their shirt loses it somewhere else.”
  • “Every big shark started small.”
  • “The house on the corner sets the tone for the block.”

She also lends some personal perspective to rent rolls, the cost of losing a tenant, and finding a good business partner.

Tucson banks are anxious to sell their foreclosed homes and that makes this an ideal time for shrewd real estate investors.  If you’re new to the game, watch the video and take good notes.

Steve Jobs of Apple Computer Speech Worth Listening To

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If you ever need a shot of the right stuff, here’s Steve Job’s graduation speech to Stanford from 2005. 

Well worth 15 minutes when you have some quiet time.

Are You Going To Finish Strong?

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If the real estate market has got you down you have to get back up. Watch the video below.