"Todd Abelson & Dawn Hansen made refinancing my home so easy. They explained everything to me as the loan progressed. I have and will continue to recommend Todd."

BB November 20, 2019

"Todd is a real Pro! Great combo of business & humor. Great follow through!"

PM & CM November 14, 2019

"Todd was on top of everything and quickly & competently reacted to every turn of events!! Dawn was responding to emails on Sat/Sundays and LATE into the evenings. Outstanding support!! Far beyond expected!! I had switched from another company-Todd & Dawn extremely responsive!!"

JK November 13, 2019

"We have used Todd and Dawn repeatedly! They are awesome, friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and get us an excellent rate each and every time. The best!"

JK & CK November 13, 2019

"I think Todd is "The Jesus Raised from the Dead" of all loan officers. I would never go to anyone else for questions, advice, or a loan except to him."

MT October 17, 2019

"This is my third loan with Todd and Dawn."

CD October 17, 2019

"They did a great job. 100% satisfied."

JE & PE October 11, 2019

"Todd was kind, informative and beyond helpful as I learned  about the mortgage process and bought my first home. I am incredibly grateful to his patience and could not recommend him more highly."

CP September 9, 2019

"I was in a great deal of stress during this time. Todd Abelson was extremely helpful and patient and did an outstanding job for which I am most grateful. I would not hesitate to recommend Todd & Dawn to anyone. They were fantastic."

DH September 9, 2019

"This is our 4th loan with Todd & Dawn! As always, a great experience."

TN & YN September 9, 2019

"Todd & Dawn were terrific! I really appreciate all their help!"

JM & CM September 5, 2019

"Todd & Dawn were two very important people in our successful relocation and home purchase. They helped us close quickly which saved us several thousand dollars. They are great to work with and know their stuff."

JY & CY August 8, 2019

"I'm very happy to be in a new house. Thank you so much Todd's team. My family is very happy."  Thank You

MJ & MCM August 8, 2019

"We thought Todd was exceptionally helpful. He definitely knows his stuff and quickly understood where are fears lay. As this was our first home, we had no clue about the process, and Todd and his team made it so easy, and was able to push our paperwork through the system to meet our timeline. We cannot say enough good things about our experience with Todd & will definitely be recommending him to all friends."

AE & CE July 24, 2019

"Could care less about Sunstreet - I GO with Todd - he is a pro & the best - where he goes I GO."

FR & AR July 24, 2019

"I knew I could count on Todd and Dawn. They always answered my questions so I understood what was going on. Dawn was always so helpful and courteous."

CL July 24, 2019

"Fantastic! Easy to work with."

WM & AC June 18, 2019

"They were a terrific team - Always getting "it" done.

Thank You!

EF & NF May 21, 2019

"My experience was so nice!"

PH May 21, 2019

"Todd & Dawn have always been a true delight & exhibit absolute professionalism.  We continue to recommend them to our friends & associates."

JB & SB April 26, 2019

"Great team with great communication throughout the entire process."

MG & CE April 17, 2019

"Todd & Dawn were accessible and responsive, answering all questions in a timely manner in simple terms."

Thank You!

BM & RL April 3, 2019

"Todd, Dawn & the Sunstreet Team have helped us over the years with home mortgages. They are smart & professional. Todd is a great human being too. Highly Recommend - love them!"

SG & CG March 13, 2019

"Todd and Dawn were beyond excellent! They were willing to work with our unique situation and was with us every step of the way! Very quick to respond to any question and made our first time home buying a breeze. Thank You!"

RJ & MJ March 5, 2019

"Todd and Dawn were extremely helpful during our loan process. They explained everything thoroughly, keep us up to date, and were professional in all of their interactions with us. Working with Todd and Dawn was a real pleasure. Thanks!"

JS & DC March 5, 2019

"Your company, especially Todd and Dawn, were great with me, a first time buyer. Thanks for being so patient with all my questions and concerns!"

SW February 14, 2019

"A++++ As Always!"

TF & MF February 6, 2019

"My situation is a bit complicated so when I look at getting another loan (or even a re-fi like we just did) there is a lot of extra info needed (more hoops to jump thru) and Todd and Dawn try their best to make it as painless as possible for me. They know I start to get cranky!"

JB January 24, 2019

"No brainer when you go back almost 20 years with Todd."

KB & JB January 24, 2019

"Todd and Dawn were very patient with me during the whole process. They answered ALL my questions and kept me informed of the procedure. I always felt welcomed when I went to the office. I appreciated their expertise and I am so grateful Sunstreet was my mortgage company."

JM January 4, 2019

"Very easy to communicate with them. Prompt and clear response to my questions. Exceptionally fast help with closing within 30 days."

SR December 5, 2018

"Todd and Dawn are the BEST people we have ever worked with. We tell all our friends about them. We LOVE them!"

JP & MH November 14, 2018

"This was our first time buying a house & they made the process so easy. We knew we were in great hands!"

RG & AG October 24, 2018

"Second time with him and Dawn. Super helpful!!"

CD October 24, 2018

"I would love to say thank you Sunstreet Mortgage, LLC and Todd Abelson and Ms. Dawn Hansen. I feel so comfortable when I work with them."

TN October 24, 2018

"They made us feel comfortable and at ease with our transaction. They kept us informed and answered our questions."

RP & JP October 24, 2018

"Dawn provided clear and timely communications. She ensured we met all of the deadlines even when we were a bit slow or tardy in responses."

RK & MK October 24, 2018

"Dawn was on top of everything. I've never had such a pleasant loan experience! Thank you, Dawn!!"

ES & HS October 24, 2018

"I really like how prompt and willing to work with me. We had a rough start but they worked with me and made it happen. Thank you."

RG October 24, 2018

This is our 2nd time using Todd and his team. We will continue to use him in the future as well as recommending him.

PH & KH September 25, 2018

"Todd and Dawn are a fabulous team!! They are an incredible asset to your Company."

RL & GN September 12, 2018

Todd & Dawn are a Dream Team & Joy to Work With! Thanks to them Both Again for Everything!!



FK September 12, 2018

"Todd & Dawn were helpful, professional and we are very satisfied."

JK & KK August 9, 2018

"I can't think of a thing that wasn't exceptional. Great Job!!!"

JM August 1, 2018

"This is the second time we have worked with Todd & Dawn - they are consistently AWESOME."

JK & CK July 31, 2018

Since neither of us had had a mortgage in 30+yrs, we felt ignorant of the whole process. Todd and Dawn helped with all of our questions and never made us feel bad about our lack of experience.

RW & PW July 5, 2018

I am an experienced real estate buyer/borrower/investor

Todd and Dawn are the Best!

JL & KL June 18, 2018

Very courteous, professional, prompt return of cell calls, kept me informed of all matters.

Great Team!!!

LP June 18, 2018

"Todd & Dawn Rock!"

JC & BC June 12, 2018

Wonderful experience and would utilize Todd & Sunstreet again.



PK June 12, 2018

“I really appreciated the professional manner in how it all went. I could call and get the information I needed. Yes I would use the same team again. Thank you.”

JB May 18, 2018

“Very Smooth, would do business again.”

BB & MB May 1, 2018

“Dawn was the best! We were in much more frequent contact w/her than w/Todd. She was so helpful and showed up to our title signing meeting. My husband and I were so impressed.”

DC & TC May 1, 2018

“Todd Abelson and Dawn Hansen did an astounding job at providing me great service and guidance through the entire process! Highly recommended for their caring and hard work!”

MS May 1, 2018

“Todd and Dawn were fantastic every step of the way!”

MK May 1, 2018

“Amazing service, very accommodating.
Very detailed and professional.”

RV & CD May 1, 2018

“Great service – thank you!”

JC & EC April 17, 2018

“They did my re-fi 2 years ago. They were great then, they were great this time, too.”

BK March 28, 2018

“Todd and team, met or exceeded expectations. I really enjoyed working with him. Dawn was also great. Todd was able to revive the deal after a flood Insurance quote of $2100, Todd found it for under $200.00 Thanks again.”

SS & DS March 1, 2018

“Todd & Dawn are a great team.”

LR & DR February 1, 2018

“I am very grateful that Todd recommended the course of action that we took. He enabled us to buy a house in the location we wished and maintain the standard of living we enjoy! Thank You!”

ME & JE February 1, 2018

“This is the third time we’ve worked with Todd, and it’s always a pleasure! And Dawn as well! They made what seemed like an impossible situation, possible.
Thank You!!!”

KB & AB January 22, 2018

“Todd is our hero! We never want to move again! But we will certainly recommend him!! His thank you gift was most awesome!! Todd is not only a professional but he has a wonderful sense of humor! He was a joy.”

PA & JAA January 22, 2018

“We greatly appreciated the Face to Face time. The entire process was guided through with ease. We never felt overwhelmed. We both felt comfortable working with the team.”

DZ & NZ January 5, 2018

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