Dawn Hansen – Licensed Mortgage Professional

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Everyone who works with Dawn comes away with the same impression – She’s awesome!

Friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, capable, detail oriented, truthful, helpful, professional, approachable, eager to assist…

Now, she’s licensed! Having passed all Federal & State exams, she’s “blessed” by the regulator-gods.

NMLS # 320935.

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Rates are at LOWS for 2011! Lock NOW!

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Check out the chart below – The price of Mortgage Backed Securities are at (high) levels not seen since early December 2010 (check out the red line) making rates as low as we’ve seen in 5 months.

If you’re floating, lock today on the “dip” and take advantage of what’s could be the best we’ll ever see!

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Why can getting a mortgage be so hard???

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There’s many BLOGS in existance today, each purporting to be “the best”. Truth be told, some are better than others. My goal is to make mine one that people read and reference often.

This morning I received a courtesy email to share a link with another Real Estate & Mortgage Blogger; their article is short, sweet and to the point. Check it out by clicking HERE – 10 reasons why some people can’t get a mortgage.

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New FHA Premiums in force effective 4/18

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Effective Monday April 18th, the monthly Mortgage Insurance premiums FOR ALL FHA LOANS regardless of down payment have increased. As example, for a $150,000 30-year loan with minimum down payment the increase equates to about $31 per month. Below is the new chart for reference – note that it’s a flat 25bps per month across the board.

Up until this change, FHA loans with 3 1/2% down were actually much more cost effective as compared to Conventional Loans with 5% down IF you were able to get the Seller to pay the 1% Up-Front MIP.  Given how difficult it is to get a 95% Conventional loans approved, FHA commanded the vast majority of the market…until April 18th. I guess FHA didn’t want to be more competitive (i.e., priced lower) than Fannie or Freddie for the average homebuyer…

Regardless, FHA is still the best opportunity for the average home buyer to purchase a home given today’s market.

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Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

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Oil just hit a high of $111 per barrel.

Gold just hit an all time high of $1,472 per ounce.

US Debt is just about to hit the ceiling of $14.3 TRILLION and a government shut-down seems inevitable. If so, even if “only” over the weekend, expect rates to spike HIGHER.

Ponder these mortgage points as well…

  • No IRS Transcript requests (4506-T) will be processed (no loans can be funded)
  • No USDA loan Certifications (no USDA loans can be funded)
  • No VA or FHA Case #’s can be ordered (no files can be processed)
  • What if employees are the Federal Reserve are put on hayatis? (loan fundings may be delayed).

Mind boggling! Hang on, it’s going to be a bumpy weekend (and week to come?)…

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